Social entrepreneurship is an economic way of seeing life as a whole. A social entrepreneur is culturally, socially and economically active and achieves financial success through their initiatives and projects. However, financial profit is not the final objective, but the means to build a sustainable future.

Our mission

CESEB is a space for initiative and collaboration by and for people who love their entrepreneurial freedom as well as the inspiration that grows from collaborating with a diverse group of people.

Our services

CESEB runs the coworking community. We offer a positive work atmosphere and an open space in the city centre for people who like to think outside of the box and participate in community activities, even if it is just a quick get-together for a coffee break or a quick chat in the garden. To us, this kind of coworking is social entrepreneurship in practise.

CESEB and You

Are you culturally or socially creative? Are you interested in sustainable development and finding meaning? Do you like working in Bonn? – If so, CESEB is a good place for you! Contact us via email hidden; JavaScript is required