Why co-work here?

The Co-Working Community is organised and managed by CESEB. To us, this kind of coworking is social entrepreneurship in practise.

EUTOPIA’s Co-Working Space follows a Clean Desk Policy – this means that in the evening, the desk must be vacated and cleaned up, as there are no fixed workplaces. We only accept coworkers if there is room available, this way no one has to worry about a shortage of space.

We share the kitchen. This means that the use and responsibility for the space is shared equally. See “Shared Kitchen” for further details.

The bathrooms are on the basement floor. Unfortunately, EUTOPIA is not barrier-free.

There is a community garden. Here you an eat and relax and enjoy the sun. Some of our coworkers have formed a group to create a vegetable and bee-friendly garden.

Does that sound like a community you’d like to be part of? Please don’t hesitate to contact office@ceseb.de or dj@ceseb.de

The space